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Compensation and/or Pension - Vocational Rehabilitation

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Filling out a VA Form 28-1900, Disabled Veteran’s Application for

The information below lists things you’ll need to prepare for filling out your application and evidence you’ll need to mail separately as supporting documentation.

VA Form 28-1900


EVALUATION: If you have a VA combined service-connected disability rating of 10 percent or more and you apply for vocational rehabilitation, we will schedule you for a comprehensive evaluation. As a first step during this evaluation interview, a counselor will work with you to answer three questions. For you to receive rehabilitation services and assistance under this program, the answers to all three questions must be "yes."

1. Do you meet the basic entitlement requirements in the next paragraph?

2. If you meet these requirements, is it reasonable to expect you to be able to reach an employment or independent living goal?

3. Are you within the time limit for receiving this benefit? (This is generally 12 years from the date VA notified you that you had at least 10% service-connected disability.)



and VA rates your service-connected conditions at least:

and a VA counselor finds that you need rehabilitation to overcome:

then you may receive a program of needed:

You are a veteran or a service member awaiting a disability discharge

20 percent disabling

An employment handicap*

Vocational rehabilitation services and assistance.

You are a veteran

10 percent disabling

A serious employment handicap*

Vocational rehabilitation services and assistance.


20 percent disabling

A serious employment handicap*

Independent living services and assistance.

* An employment handicap means that you have difficulty in getting or holding a job that is suitable for your aptitudes, interests, and abilities, and is compatible with your disabilities. Your difficulty in getting and keeping a job must result in substantial part from your service-connected disability. A serious employment handicap means that this difficulty greatly limits your ability to get or hold a suitable job.

PLANNING AND COUNSELING: Your counselor must first determine that you meet the entitlement requirements and an employment or independent living goal is reasonably feasible. Then your counselor will help you develop a plan of services and assistance to assist you to reach your employment or independent living goal. Counseling will be available throughout your program to help you with problems that may arise. We will set up evaluation and counseling meetings at times convenient for you. We will pay your travel expenses to and from these meetings.

REHABILITATION SERVICES: Not all vocational rehabilitation programs involve training. You may only need employment services to help you get a suitable job. If a VA counselor determines that you need training to reach your vocational goal, your VA counselor will also determine the number of months of training you need. You may train in a vocational school, a special rehabilitation facility, an apprenticeship program, other on-job training position, a college, or a university. While you train, VA will provide the medical and dental care and treatment, employment assistance to get and keep a job, and other services you need. If a vocational goal is not currently feasible for you, VA may provide services and assistance to improve your capacity for independent living.

SUPPORT: VA may pay for tuition, fees, books, equipment, tools, or other supplies you need to  succeed in your program. While training and for two months after you complete training and are looking for employment, you will receive a subsistence allowance to help you meet your living expenses. The allowance you receive depends on your type of training, rate of attendance, and number of dependents. You will receive this allowance in addition to any VA compensation or military retired pay you may receive.



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