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USAA Tips: How to react to an ethical dilemma

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Content provided courtesy of USAA | By Chad Storlie

What are they doing? Did she just say that? Why would the company choose to take that action? These are just a few of the questions that could run through our mind when we hear of a potential ethical dilemma. An ethical dilemma is when there is no clear case of right vs. wrong and no laws have been violated, yet something about the situation just does not feel quite right to our moral sense of well-being.

When I was a Special Forces Officer in Bosnia, I had the role of doing contract negotiations for rental vehicle contracts whose value approached several million dollars. During one negotiation session, a contractor slid across a picture of a beautiful sailboat on the Adriatic with a picture of $50,000 in a suitcase placed on the deck of the boat with a champagne bottle. This was not a clever negotiating tactic, it was an attempt at bribery. The rest of the story? I reported the contractor, the contractor was disqualified from bids for two years, and I never got to see the sailboat. Handling an ethical dilemma well always solidifies your values and beliefs.

Follow these options to help you wade through the considerations involved in an ethical dilemma.

Ensure You Understand What Happened.

Ethical dilemmas can become non-dilemmas quickly when we ensure that we have the full story and do not take other people’s views, perspectives, or word of mouth. This is a good lesson for everyone because understanding both sides and ensuring that you understand all the facts before stating that something was unethical is critical.

Violations of “Fairness” Trigger Dilemmas.

The clear majority of workers have a belief in a continual level of innate fairness and equal treatment in similar situations by their peers, coworkers, customers, and bosses. That is, it is inconsistent treatment that creates the belief that an ethical violation has occurred. This is great advice for workers, customers, and management to strive to treat every person and every situation with deep respect. When there is inconsistent treatment present in a consistent or common place situation, then, more likely than not, an ethical violation has occurred.

What If Everyone Did It?

Another effective way to understand if an ethical violation occurred is to apply the leadership by example principle to an extreme case. What if everyone did or was required to do that situation you believe was an ethical violation? What would the effects be to the people and to the organization? If the resulting situation would create widespread financial loss, huge disparity of treatment, and ongoing stride, then an ethical dilemma was present.

The Newspaper Test.

Pick a leading newspaper or news source. What if the action or actions of the activity in question were placed in the headlines for all the world to read and to evaluate? Would anyone be embarrassed? Would the authorities be interested? Would people be proud to show their children the headline? If something must be kept quiet because, “people will not understand,” or people would be embarrassed if everyone knew, then an ethical problem usually exists.

Is There a Case of Cultural Confusion?

In the United States, we believe in equal treatment for all, but that is not necessarily the case in all countries. In some countries, the chief executive of a company can have vastly different treatment than the average worker and no one bats an eye. If there is a case of how an ethical situation is viewed between cultures, then it may be a case of cultural understanding or cultural perceptions rather than an ethical situation.

Could It Be a Topic at the Next Staff Meeting?

The final test is simple. Would you be willing to discuss it at a staff meeting? If not, then an ethical situation exists.

The final piece of advice in dealing with an ethical dilemma is to do something. To maintain a sense of ethics, everyone must stand strong and stand together to ensure that ethics and ethical treatment is a constant focus.

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Joint Subcommittee Field Hearing: “Protecting Those Who Protect Us: Ensuring the Success of our Student Veterans”

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On Wednesday, April 24, 2019, the Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, and the Committee on Education & Labor Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Investment, will hold a joint field hearing entitled “Protecting Those Who Protect Us: Ensuring the Success of our Student Veterans.”   The subcommittees will meet at 10:30 a.m. at 8800 Grossmont College Drive, Griffin Gate, Building 60, 1st Floor, El Cajon, CA 92020.

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Share how your post, department is honoring Memorial Day

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On Monday, May 27, American Legion Family members nationwide will be honoring the more than 1 million men and women who have lost their lives defending America in wars from the Revolution to the global war on terrorism. Whether it's participating in a Memorial Day parade, placing crosses and flags at veteran gravesites or hosting a ceremony, please share how your post or department will be remembering veterans.

You can share at

A Memorial Day speech that posts and departments can use is available. Click here to download the speech.

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Last member of Doolittle Raiders passes away

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The last surviving member of the Doolittle Raiders, who gave the United States a much-needed boost during the dark days of World War II, has passed away.

Retired Lt. Col. Dick Cole died Tuesday in San Antonio. He was 103.

Cole served as co-pilot in then-Lt. Col. Jimmy Doolittle’s No. 1 bomber during the 1942 raid to strike Japan that helped lift America’s spirit in the months after Pearl Harbor. The Doolittle raid was comprised of 80 U.S. Army Air Forces airmen in 16 B-25B Mitchell bombers that were launched from the aircraft carrier Hornet, with no promise of returning safely. It took the bombers about four hours to reach the target of Tokyo, about 650 nautical miles from the Hornet.

“We all shared the same risks and had no realization of the positive affect our efforts had on the morale of America at the time,” Cole said in 2013. “We are grateful we had the opportunity to serve and are mindful that our nation benefitted from our service.”

After dropping their bombs, Doolittle’s crew set out to land in China, refuel and then continue to the western part of the country. A severe rainstorm interrupted those plans, forcing the crew to bail out before their fuel ran out. Cole’s parachute got stuck in a tree. After freeing himself, he walked to a Chinese village, where he was safely reunited with the crew.

Overall, only three of the 80 men were killed during the raid that was conducted 77 years ago this month. Eight others were captured and held as POWs, four of whom died during captivity.

In November 2013, Cole and two of the three other remaining survivors at that time performed the final toasting ceremony for their fallen comrades at the United States Air Force Museum in Dayton, Ohio. A fourth survivor was unable to attend.

The ceremony included a roll call of each of the Raiders’ names, only interrupted by three calls of “Here” by Cole, Lt. Col. Edward Saylor and Staff Sgt. David Thatcher. Afterward, Cole broke the seal of an 1896 bottle of Hennessey cognac, per the wishes of Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, the group’s commanding officer.

On the morning of the April 1942 raid, Doolittle promised his men he would throw the biggest party they ever saw if the raid was successful. After the war, the Raiders reunited to celebrate Doolittle’s birthday in December 1946, and that get-together turned into an annual ritual that concluded in 2013.

During the 2013 ceremony, Gen. Mark Welsh, chief of staff for the Air Force, said current airmen will keep the Raiders’ legacy alive. For example, he noted that during the first night of Operation Desert Storm in 1991, the first bombs dropped over Baghdad included the words “Make the Doolittle Raiders proud.”

At the memorial service, Cole recalled signing up for a dangerous mission he saw on a bulletin board. It turned out to be a callout for volunteers for the Doolittle raid. “So, I signed my name,” he said nonchalantly.

“Yes, sir, you did,” Welsh said. “And you and Col. Doolittle and your brothers inspired a nation and you turned the tide of a war. And we are forever grateful.”

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95th Department of France Convention package info released

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Hosted by the Department of France

Hotel Schützenhof

Windereckerstraße 2

53783 Eitorf-Alzenbach

Convention Package Consists Of:

❖ 4 days - 3 nights

❖ One convention coin per department-registered guest residing at the hotel

❖ Breakfast buffet

❖ Utilization of the conference rooms

❖ Mineral water and juice during our meetings

❖ Late morning coffee/tee and yogurt

❖ Afternoon coffee and pastry

❖ Evening dinner buffet (includes banquet on Saturday)

❖ One drink of choice with evening dinner

20-23 June 2019

Three Nights - single room €305.00 per person

Three Nights - double room €250.00 per person

21-23 June 2019

Two Nights - single room €215.00 per person

Two Nights - double room €180.00 per person

22-23 June 2019

One Night - single room €120.00 per person

One Night - double room €105.00 per person

Following expenditures to be paid at convention.

Attending meetings only. Not staying at hotel €16.00 per person, per day.

* Includes use of conference room, late morning coffee/tee and yogurt, afternoon coffee and pastry, and mineral water and juice during our meetings. Please notify Convention Committee if you will be attending convention meetings only!

Banquet only (Saturday). €25.00 per person.

Breakfast only. Not staying at hotel. €8.00 per person, per day.

Dinner only (Thursday-Friday). Not staying at hotel. €15.00 per person, per day.

The American Legion / Department of France 95th Annual Convention Agenda / 20-23 June 2019

Thursday, 20 June 2019

1200 1400 Arrival – check in


1400 1500 Registration Department Sgt-At-Arms

16:00 Call to order Department Commander

Opening ceremonies Department Commander

Roll call Department Adjutant

Introduction of guest Department Sgt-At-Arms

Welcome remarks Convention Chairman

Minutes of previous meeting Department Adjutant

Finance report Department Finance Officer





New Business Department Commander

Administrative Announcements Department Adjutant




Prayer Department Chaplain

Recovering of POW/MIA Flag POW/MIA Chairman

Retiring of colors Department Commander

TBA Committee Meetings

TBA Dinner

Friday 21 June 2019


08:30 09:00 Registration Department Sgt-At-Arms

09:00 Convening of Convention Department Commander

Opening ceremonies Department Commander

Roll call Department Adjutant

Introduction of guest Department Sgt-At-Arms

Adoption of convention rules Department Judge Advocate

Report of credential committee Department Sgt-At-Arms

Conformation of standing Department Commander

Committees Committee Chairmans

Ratification of 2019 convention Department Adjutant

Minutes Department Adjutant

Presentation of resolutions Department Adjutant

Award committee report Department Adjutant

Awards presentations Department Commander

Guest speaker TBA

Recessing convention Department Commander

TBA Committee Meetings

TBA Break for lunch


1330 1400 Registration Department Sgt-At-Arms

1400 Convening of convention Department Commander

Roll call Department Adjutant

Standing committee reports Department Commander

Audit and Finance report Department Finance Officer

Presentation of 2019-2020 operating budget Department Finance Officer

Annual reports Department Commander

Presentation of awards Department Commander

Administrative announcements Department Adjutant

TBA Past Commanders Club

TBA Annual Caucus

TBA Dinner

Saturday, 22 June 2019


08:30-09:00 Registration Department Sgt-At-Arms

09:00 Reconvening of convention Department Commander

Roll Call Department Adjutant

Report of Credential Committee Department Sgt-At-Arms

Awards Report Department Commander

Awards Presentations Department Commander

Voting on 2019 – 2020 operating budget Department Finance Officer

Adoption of Dept. Constitution and By-Laws Department Judge Advocate

Appointment of Election Judge Department Commander

Appointment of Election Tellers Department Commander


Roll Call Department Adjutant

2020MY Department Elections Election Judge

Short Form Installation NEC MAN

Appointment of Adjutant Department Commander

Administrative Announcements Department Adjutant

Post Everlasting Department Chaplain

Closing Ceremonies Department Commander

Adjournment of Convention Department Commander

TBA Break for lunch


TBA Registration Department Sgt-At-Arms

TBA Call to Order Department Commander

Opening Ceremonies Department Commander

Roll Call Department Adjutant

Introduction of Guest Department Sgt-At-Arms

Minutes from 4th DEC Department Adjutant




Request for Funds Department Commander

Annual Appointments Department Commander

Appointment of Delegates to 2019 National Convention Department Commander

Appointments-Chef Delegates To 2019 National Convention Department Commander

Report of 2019 Convention Convention Chairman

Selection of 2ndDEC Site for 2019 Department Commander

General Announcements Department Adjutant




Prayer Department Chaplain

Retiring Of Colors Department Commander

18:00 Cocktails

18:30 Memorial Service / Dinner / Speakers and Awards

Sunday, 22 June 2019

Departure after Breakfast


* RSVP no later than 15 May 2019

* All payments must be in euros.

* Please make all euros checks payable to David Greaux

Bank Transfer Information

NAME: David Greaux

IBAN: DE37793301110000005356


Verwendungszweck: Dept. Convention / Option 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6

* If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Please fill out reservation form - circulating via email - and send in no later than 15 May 2019 to ensure a reserved room.

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