Women’s Mental Health Services in the VA

Tuesday, 13 December 2011 13:36 VBI

There are far more men than women Veterans in the VA system. For this reason, many women Veterans are not aware of resources offered just for them. Many women Veterans prefer treatment with other women. Research shows that people often do better in treatment with others that are more like them. As a result, mental health services just for women are offered in many VA's across the country.

VA women Veterans program managers

Every VA Medical Center in the country has a Women Veterans Program Manager. This person is your advocate. She can help you get to VA services and programs, state and federal benefits, and resources in the area where you live. If you need help, call your local VA and ask to speak to the Women Veterans Program Manager. Learn more about the VA Women Veterans Health Care program. There is also helpful information on the VA Center for Women Veterans website.

If you have questions about your VA care, you should first go to your Women Veterans Program Manager. During normal business hours, you can also contact:

Types of VA programs for women

The following list describes some of the mental health service programs offered by VA for women Veterans.

Women's Stress Disorder Treatment Teams (WSDTTs)
WSDTTs are special outpatient (not live-in) mental health programs. They focus on treatment of PTSD and other problems related to trauma.

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